United States Pageant

Rules & Regulations


Entrant must be of good moral character.
Entrant must not have posed for provocative photos or in nude print.
Entrant must be a U.S. Citizen.
Entrant must be a resident of Arizona
Entrant agrees that the decisions of the judges are final.
The entrant agrees to attend and compete in this year’s United States National Pageant. If selected the winner, and further agrees to abide by all the required services, rules and regulations governing this pageant.
The term entrant is defined as a naturally born female meeting the criteria outlined in the rules and regulations.
Entrant understands that fee to appear at the National Pageant has been paid for part of the winners’ prize package.
Entrant understands if chosen as Miss Junior Teen, Teen, Miss, Ms United States there will be some additional expense to compete in the National pageant. This will be the responsibility of the newly crowned winner.
Entrant understands that the room and ad page for the National pageant are at the contestants expense, but could be subject to state pageant partial sponsorship.
Entrant must not be pregnant, married or never given birth of a child (applies to Junior Teen, Teen & Miss Divisions only).
Entrant agrees to pay the entry fee of $675.00 on or before April 1st, 2017.
Entrant agrees to attend and participate in all events pageant weekend. April 28-30, 2017.
Entrant agrees to meet all deadlines including, but not limited to, paperwork, photos & entry fees.

If you win your state title, you are not allowed to compete in any other pageant or represent any other title until your reign is over.

Divisons: (As of January 1st)

Jr. Teen Arizona: Ages 13-15

Teen Arizona: Ages 16-19
Miss Arizona: Ages 20-29 (Never married, never had children, can be engaged)

Ms. Arizona: Ages 20-29 (Must be previously married or had children or both but currently unmarried.)

Ms. Woman: Ages 30+ (Unmarried; May or may not have previously been married; May or may not have had children.)
​Mrs. Woman Arizona: Ages 21+, Married.