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Why you should apply?

We can give you 5 great reasons why……..

#1. Step outside your comfort zone! The older we get the easier it is to just keep inside that comfort zone. How can you progress in life if you don’t do anything challenging?
#2. Meet new friends! You will find that pageant sisters are some of the best friends you can ever ask for!
#3. Empowerment! During preparations, during the pageant and once you are done competing you will have an overwhelming feeling of empowerment and courage.
#4. Make a difference! Find a platform that is dear to you that you can make a difference in the community with.
#5. Opportunities. With all the events that we will give you the opportunity to be involved in you will meet people and be apart of many different organizations. These will open new doors and more opportunities.        

Donna Mason & Melissa Mason

2016 Directors of the Year!

United States Pageant

The True Sisterhood:

The Arizona United States Pageant is a sisterhood that empowers women of all backgrounds to develop the confidence, poise and communication skills they need to achieve their personal best. We provide community service avenues that are designed locally to address specific community needs. Our focus is to ensure that our contestants are giving back to the community’ needs. Our focus is to ensure that our ladies are giving back to the communities who are supporting them and the system, but more importantly that we are being positive role models for future generations. Now the question is, are you ready for your……”AND THE WINNER IS”, moment?                       


The Directors